Don't Forget to Wash for 20 Seconds

Don't Forget to Wash for 20 Seconds

Help your guests stay sanitary in Chenango Forks or Binghamton, NY with portable wash stations

Now more than ever, it's important to promote healthy handwashing habits at your construction site, family gathering or festival-especially at venues where food is being prepared or eaten. Encourage good hygiene at your next event in the Chenango Forks or Binghamton, NY area with portable wash station rentals from Cook's Portable Toilets.

Our technicians will deliver the portable wash stations to your location, then refill the water, soap and paper towel dispensers so you can get back to business. We even offer same-day delivery options.

Contact us today to make arrangements.

Germs won't stand a chance

Sink wash stations from Cook's Portable Toilets can help you maximize hygiene with:

  • Liquid hand soap dispensers
  • Paper towel dispensers
  • Hands-free foot pumps

Plus, they can accommodate up to 600 washes. Call 607-296-0170 now to arrange for a sink wash station rental in the Chenango Forks or Binghamton, NY area.